All Things Cannabis

Welcoming Medical Cannabis Is Effortless

The research is in. The evidence is profound. People are waking up and watching one plant reveal it's ultimate awesome potential. This plant is a game changer for our greater good. Cannabis is preventive, a cure, a healer, a sustainer and medicine. We are all born with an unique biological system called, the endocannabinoid system. This system is found in the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system (including the brain) and the peripheral nervous system (our entire functionality) So why all things cannabis? Here is why, our over all health and wellness. Taking care of our endocannabinoid system becomes an essential part to our over all health. The "entourage effect" becomes vital, using cannabis's multiple compounds to provide us with an explosive synergy effect. Can conventional medicine and cannabis exist together? Absolutely. There is no one exact way, we are all made the same but uniquely different. Our mission and values is to help you learn everything about cannabis today. Cannabis has the potential to positively impact millions of people around the world, but only by bringing this plant out of the shadows and into the light can we truly make a difference. These values are helping us drive this worthy mission forward. We support and collaborate with the cannabis community, because there’s strength in numbers. We believe in revealing the truth and science of cannabis. We believe in cannabis as a medicine for health, wellness, and transformation. We promote and teach responsible cannabis use. We love this plant and believe it can change our world for the better.  We have a rich background within the healthcare industry combined with business experience and education. We have had the opportunity to be in many clinical settings ranging from acute care, psychiatric care, teaching and management/leadership roles. We excel in planning, implementing, evaluating, and educational strategies tailored to meet diverse needs. Creating a synergy of sound knowledge of the human condition, how our unique systems work and how cannabis just might be a solution to many things. We provide unique cannabis recommendations and referrals for patients to help facilitate and encourage therapeutic relationships with healthcare professionals.